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Creating A Franchise In Texas

At the Rybicki Law Firm, PLLC, we help entrepreneurs and business leaders franchise existing successful businesses, expanding their business opportunities and helping them reach a broader audience. To do so, we use in-depth knowledge of franchise law, and we provide personalized attention throughout the process.

We represent clients with a range of business ideas, from martial arts studios to restaurants, gold and silver exchanges, and cleaning services. We work to understand your business and to tailor the representation we provide to your unique needs.

A Recent Case, An Important Message To Business Owners

We recently represented a Philadelphia client who opened a second location of an existing business. The agreement that our client signed gave him permission to use the business name and identity, outlining certain rules to follow. The agreement also stated that it was not a franchise agreement — even though it very much looked like one. Basically, our client was held to the standards of a franchise but was not provided with the franchise disclosure document (FDD) necessary to franchisees.

In arbitration, it was found that the agreement was a franchise agreement after all — despite the language to the contrary. The necessary franchise disclosures should have been provided to our client. Because they were not, our client was not responsible for losses incurred when the business encountered trouble.

This is an important lesson to business leaders everywhere. If you are organizing the expansion of your business, just saying that it is not a franchise is not enough. If you are organizing your business like a franchise, you must proactively provide the necessary disclosures to potential franchisees.

At the Rybicki Law Firm, PLLC, we use in-depth knowledge of franchise law to help our clients look ahead and avoid problems. We guide them through transactions such as creating a franchise or buying or selling one. Our goal is to make the process go smoothly and protect them against potential liability.

Using The Latest Technology To Serve Clients Nationwide

While we are located just outside of Dallas, in Farmersville, Texas, we effectively represent clients throughout the United States. We use the latest technology to share documents and keep in close communication so that matters can often be handled without requiring our clients to visit our law offices. Our goal is to make matters convenient for you no matter where you are or what legal challenges you face.

Talk with a lawyer about how you can create a franchise. Contact us by calling 469-951-8765 for a free and confidential consultation with an attorney. We are accessible for evening and weekend appointments as needed, and we are often available to our clients outside of business hours when matters are urgent. Credit cards are accepted.